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What is PicsArt Mod Apk?

With a unique twist, PicsArt mod apk is simply a modified version of the well known PicsArt picture editing and collage making programme. This updated version, which was created especially for Android devices, provides users with a wealth of extra features and premium material that can be easily unlocked for free.

NamePicsArt mod apk
Size73 MB
CategoryPhotography, Video Players & Editors
Picsart Mod FeaturesGold Features Unlocked
DeveloperPicsArt Inc.
Updated on12 April, 2024

Unlike the standard version, which has features that need an in app purchase or a paid membership for, the mod apk offers users more tools and resources without charging for them.The modified version gives users unrestricted access to premium stickers and artwork, exclusive filters, advanced editing tools, and many more creative possibilities without costing them a penny.

It’s similar to getting access to the premium section of an already amazing programme, where users may further enhance their collage making and photo editing capabilities. It’s crucial to be aware of the possible risks involved in using modified applications, though.

Users using these versions may be more susceptible to malware or other security risks since they lack the official release’s stability and security features.Additionally, consumers can experience compatibility problems or lose out on crucial updates and customer assistance as these versions are not maintained or authorised by the original developers.

Despite these dangers, PicsArt mod apk is a well liked option for Android lovers who want to step up their photo editing skills because the appeal of getting access to premium features for free frequently surpasses the possible drawbacks for many users.

PicsArt Mod Apk Features

PicsArt mod apk offers a wide range of premium services which enhance the photo editing skills of the users. So let’s talk about PicsArt mod apk unique and best features.

PicsArt latest version

1. Premium Unlocked

You can access premium features without purchasing it from PicsArt and use any tools anytime in free.

2. Advanced Editing Tools

Extra features and tools for photo editing, including cloning tools, blending modes, and powerful brushes.

3. Exclusive Filters

A large collection of premium effects and filters to improve images and produce original visual aesthetics.

4. Unlimited Artwork and Stickers

You can use a large number of artwork, clipart, and stickers to customise collages and pictures.

5. No Ads

Advertisements that could interfere with editing or distract from the user experience are removed.

6. High Quality Export

Unrestricted export of modified photographs in high resolution.

7. Additional customisation

Additional customisation possibilities include changing themes, user interface settings, and other preferences.

8. Expanded Font Collection

Obtain a wider range of fonts of including text into graphics and patterns.

9. Photo Collage Templates

Extra layouts and templates to make eye catching photo collages.

10. Constant upgrades

To increase performance, stability, and compatibility with newer devices, the modified version receives regular upgrades and enhancements.

It’s crucial to remember that the specific modified version of PicsArt apk you select to download may affect which features are available. Furthermore, while these features could be advantageous to users, it’s important to take into account the possible risks of using modified programmes, like weaknesses in security and a lack of official support.

Is PicsArt Mod APK Safe?

In the field of artistic photo editing, PicsArt is a well liked programme with a wide range of powers. But the presence of modified versions prompts questions about security. Possibly downloading the modified version of PicsArt is not safe, therefore let’s discuss these questions in more depth.

1. Modified APKs carry some risks

They may contain changed code and are frequently obtained from unapproved sources, as is the case with PicsArt mod versions. This might harm users data and gadgets.

2. Security Issues

Using modified applications may subject users to malware, viruses, and phishing scams, among other security risks. The stringent security checks carried out by official app shops are absent from these unofficial versions.

3. Data Privacy

Using modified applications carries a risk of exposing sensitive and personal data. Users are less certain about the security and privacy of their data with these versions since the original developers do not support them.

In conclusion, users should put safety and security first even though PicsArt mod APK may have some attractive characteristics. It’s critical to balance the advantages against potential risks and think about keeping with the official version obtained from reliable sources.

Why This PicsArt Mod APK is Safe?

1. Verified by Team

Our staff carefully examined and evaluated this particular PicsArt mod APK to ensure its safety. Our thorough testing and research verified its user safety.

2. No Evil Code Found

To make sure it is free of harmful substances and malicious software, the modified version of PicsArt was thoroughly examined. According to the research done by our team, users can use this mod APK without risking the security of their device.

3. Support from Reliable Sources

This PicsArt Mod APK has been supported by reliable sources in the modding community, which gives credibility to its safety claims. Positive user comments and evaluations enhance its dependability even more.

4. Continued Monitoring and Updates

Our team is still keeping a close eye on this modified version’s functionality and safety. Consistent upgrades and maintenance guarantee that customers can keep using PicsArt’s capabilities without compromising their security.

5. Conclusion

We can state with confidence that consumers can download and use this PicsArt mod APK without risk because of our team’s review and testing. Users can take advantage of this modded version’s increased functionality without risking the security of their device by taking the necessary procedures and being aware of them.

How to Download PicsArt Mod APK?

To download PicsArt Mod APK safely and securely, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Home Page
Visit on Home page of Techtheif to download PicsArt mod apk.

Step 2: Official & PicsArt Mod APK
On the home page you’ll see official & PicsArt mod apk. If you want to download offical application then click on official otherwise if you want to download mod apk then click on PicsArt mod apk.

Step 3: Another button
Now you can see that here is a red button, Click on the button.

Step 4: Last Download button

When you click on the red download button you’ll redirect to another page where you’ll easily get last and final download button. Click on the download button you’ll redirect to PicsArt mod apk telegram channel.

Step 4: Install the APK File

Download PicsArt modiffied version by telegram channel once the APK file has been downloaded, find it in the download folder or file manager on your device. The installation procedure can be started by tapping on the file. To finish installing PicsArt Mod APK on your device, adhere to the on screen directions.

Step 5: Enjoy the Modded Experience

Open the PicsArt Mod APK from your device’s app menu after the installation is finished. Now, you should to be able to access premium features and content without having to pay for a subscription. To unleash your creativity and improve your images like never before, experiment with the different tools, filters, and effects available

Are PicsArt, PicsArt gold and PicsArt mod apk same?

No, there is a difference between PicsArt, PicsArt Gold, and PicsArt Mod APK.

1. PicsArt: This is the original application that offers drawing tools, collage creation, and photo editing across several platforms. Usually, it has both paid and free functions.

2. PicsArt Gold: PicsArt offers a premium subscription service that gives users access to extra tools, features, and material inside the programme. Customers can access these premium features by paying a subscription charge.

3. PicsArt Mod apk: In this context, “modified” is a variation of the PicsArt software that is frequently made available outside of official app stores and allows users to access premium features without having to purchase them. However, because modded APKs could include malware or break the terms of service of the programme, using them can be dangerous and unlawful.

About PicsArt application and it’s innovative tools in details

Popular photo editing and collage making app PicsArt is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. It permits users to modify images, make collages, and apply different filters and effects. With so many features and tools at their disposal like sketching tools, text overlays, stickers, and brushes PicsArt allows users to let their imaginations run wild and create amazing images.

To further enhance users’ works, PicsArt offers access to a wide range of user generated content, including backgrounds, stickers, and templates. Users can share their modified photographs and collages with friends and followers on many social media platforms by using the app’s social capabilities.

In general, PicsArt is a flexible and easy to use tool that supports both newbie and experienced users, enabling them to express themselves through digital photos.

Fundamental Editing Tools

1. Cropping and Resizing

Modify the arrangement and size of your images to suit a variety of purposes, such as printed materials or social media posts.

2. Exposure and Contrast

Adjust the overall brightness and balance between light and dark to create the atmosphere and mood you want.

3. Saturation and Vibrance

Adjust the colour intensity of your images to produce dramatic effects or a more natural appearance.

4. Sharping and noise reduction

Sharpen details that are blurred for a clearer image, or reduce noise for a more polished appearance.

Creative Enhancements

1. Filters

Use a variety of artistic filters to turn your images into vintage postcards, timeless masterpieces, or current fashions.

2. Stickers and Overlays

A vast collection of text elements, emojis theme packs, and overlays can be used to add a creative touch.

3. Text editing

Use a range of styles and text effects to add unique quotes, captions, or comments to your photos.

4. Brushes and Shapes

Using repositionable brushes, you can draw directly on your images to highlight particular details, create creative flair, or create distinctive effects.

Advance features

1. Curves and Levels

Adjust your photos colour and tone balance to have exact control over the visual aspects of the picture.

2. Blend Modes

Try out several blend modes to combine several images or graphics to produce attractive layered effects.

3. Selection Tools

Use these tools to isolate particular portions of your image for focused editing allowing accurate tweaks and artistic modifications.

4. AI Powered Tools (with Premium Subscription)

Take advantage of a variety of AI powered tools for simple and complex editing, like object replacement, background removal, and portrait touch ups.

Beyond Editing

1. Collage Maker

Select from a variety of layouts and customisation options to creatively combine many pictures into collages.

2. Draw and Play

With a special drawing canvas that comes with a variety of brushes, shapes, and tools for producing unique artwork, you may unleash your inner artist.

3. Challenges and Contests

Take part in the continuous competitions and challenges that the PicsArt community hosts. These events provide you with inspiration, a platform to show off your abilities, and a chance to network with other creators.

Download PicsArt mod apk latest version

In summary

PicsArt’s wide range of tools serves a variety of users, from beginners looking for simple changes to experienced artists investigating more complex methods. PicsArt enables users to express themselves visually, turn ordinary photos into stunning images, and start a rewarding creative journey thanks to its user friendly design and continuous development.

PicsArt Gold the affordable plan for PicsArt users

Using photography and digital art to communicate creativity has grown in popularity in today’s visually driven world. The popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram has increased user demand for tools that let them edit their images and produce eye catching visual material. PicsArt Gold is one such tool that has received a lot of praise.

What is PicsArt Gold?

The PicsArt applications, an impressive photo editing and collage making tool available for both iOS and Android smartphones, has a premium subscription option called PicsArt Gold. Users can access a wealth of cutting edge tools and premium material with PicsArt Gold, which will help them take their creative projects to new heights.

Features of PicsArt Gold

1. Unlimited Access to Premium Content

Users can access a vast collection of premium content, including thousands of unique stickers, fonts, frames, and backgrounds, by purchasing PicsArt Gold. There are countless options for customisation and creative expression using these materials.

2. Advanced Editing Tools

With its extensive collection of advanced editing tools and effects, PicsArt Gold enables users to easily retouch images, add text, apply filters, and create breathtaking visual compositions. Through complex methods like selective editing and blending modes, to more basic modifications like brightness and contrast, PicsArt Gold enables users to unleash their creativity and turn everyday photographs into incredible pieces of art.

3. Ad Free Experience

Are annoying advertisements stopping you from creating? Users may enjoy an ad free experience with PicsArt Gold, which frees them up for focusing only on editing without distractions.

4. Exclusive Templates and Presets

Members of PicsArt Gold have access to a selection of premium templates and presets that have been carefully chosen by skilled designers and artists. These pre made layouts and effects are great tools for people who are trying to improve productivity or find inspiration.

5. Priority Support and Updates

Users who subscribe to PicsArt Gold get access to the newest features and priority customer support. This guarantees that they remain at the centre and keep enjoying the rewards of the app’s developing features.

Why Choose PicsArt Gold?

PicsArt Gold is the best value available for individuals that have a strong interest in digital art and photography. Regardless of your background professional photography, social media aficionado, or influencer PicsArt Gold offers the skills and tools you need to reach your full creative potential and make an impression in the jammed digital market.

In Conclusion

In a time when visual content is king, PicsArt Gold stands out as a hub of innovation and originality, allowing users to express themselves through stunning pictures and eye catching designs. PicsArt Gold, with its wide range of tools, premium content, and simple interface, is the ideal tool for anyone wishing to take their digital photography and artistic abilities to the next level.

PicsArt vs PicsArt Gold vs PicsArt Mod APK: A Comprehensive Comparison

Among the wide range of picture editing applications available, PicsArt is a powerful force, providing users with an abundance of capabilities to unleash their artistic expression. But consumers are frequently faced with a difficult decision when deciding between PicsArt Gold, the official version, and the modified APK. To help you in making a wise choice, let’s examine the subtle differences between each option.

PicsArt: The Trusted Standard

1. Rich feature set

The official PicsArt app gives users access to a powerful toolbox that includes collage making tools, stickers, filters, and advanced editing tools.

2. Dependability and Security

The official app is created by a reliable team and goes through extensive security testing to provide a stable and secure user experience.

3. Consistent Updates

Users gain from consistent updates, which ensure compatibility with new devices and provide access to the newest features and improvements.

PicsArt Gold: Elevating Creativity to New Heights

1. Special Premium Features

Ad free usage, advanced editing tools, a vast collection of stickers, fonts, and backgrounds are all available only to PicsArt Gold members.

2. Additional Benefits

To improve their entire editing experience, subscribers also get access to special templates, presets selected by artists in the field, and priority support.

3. Value Proposition

Although PicsArt Gold needs a monthly cost, consumers looking for an improved and ad free editing experience will find that its premium offerings make the purchase worth.

PicsArt Mod APK: Unleashing Unlimited Possibilities

1. Expanded Feature Set

The Picsart Art Mod APK satisfies customers need for more capability without charging them for an endless amount of premium content and features that are unlocked for free.

2. Security Considerations

Nevertheless, using modified APKs carries certain inherent risks, such as being exposed to viruses and malware and even having personal information compromised as well.

3. Unofficial service

Users of modified versions may have minimal customer service, limited updates, and compatibility problems because they are not supported by the official authority.

PicsArtPicsArt GOLDPicsArt Mod apk
Price$0 / Month$5 / Month$0 / Month
FeaturesCan’t use premium tools

Support team available for you.

Use free tools, png and photos,

Always free
Use lots of templates, fonts, stickers, and tools

Save in any format

Save in high resolution

No watermark

Asked for help to official PicsArt team
Use every tools

You can’t asked for help to official team

No watermark

Use all images and png

Save in any format s

Access everything that PicsArt gold provide

Choosing the Right Fit

Safety First

Users should prioritise safety and security by choosing the genuine version or PicsArt Gold from reliable sources, even if PicsArt Mod APK offers attractive features.

Last decisions

If your work depends on using PicsArt extensively for editing, then you should choose PicsArt. If you find that PicsArt doesn’t offer all the features you need and you can afford to invest money, then you can buy a PicsArt Gold subscription to access additional features and create creative and eye catching designs.

However, if you can’t invest money and your work is suffering, you can download the PicsArt mod apk from a trusted site. If you’re concerned about security and malware, you should research the website first before downloading.Ultimately, the decision to use PicsArt, PicsArt Gold, or PicsArt mod apk depends on your specific requirements, so choose wisely.

What we can do in PicsArt Mod apk with its tools?

When we open PicsArt mod apk, we are presented with various options. We can choose to create an account if we wish, or skip it. Upon clicking the “plus” icon, we are presented with six options. Let’s discuss these six options.

1. Edit photo

When you click on “Edit photo,” you’ll see all the photos in your device’s gallery displayed on your screen. You can choose any photo you want to edit.Once you select a photo, the application will take you to the editing section where you’ll find various options such as Gold, Tools, Effects, Retouch, Remove Background, Stickers, etc. Let me explain how to use these tools.

(I) Gold option

The Gold option is usually there for those who need additional features in PicsArt, so they can subscribe to Gold. But since you’re using the PicsArt mod apk, the Gold option is not relevant for you.

(II) Tools

In the Tools option, you’ll find a variety of PicsArt tools that are indispensable for editing. With these tools, you can edit your photos in the best possible way. In this section, you’ll find tools like Crop, Resize, Adjust, Clone, Motion, Enhance, Flip, Perspective, etc. which take photo editing to the next level. Some tools may be paid, but since you’re using a modified PicsArt, you don’t need to pay; you can use them for free.

(III) Effects

Effects are one of the most commonly used tools in PicsArt because they allow you to change various aspects of a photo’s appearance. With Effects, you can change tones, blur, colors, and much more. It’s essential to use the Effects option in the PicsArt mod apk to take your photos to the next level.

(IV) Retouch

Retouch is an amazing option in PicsArt because it provides you with various tools to edit your photos uniquely and make them outstanding. In Retouch, you’ll find options like eyes color, auto, skin tone, face, smooth, eye bag, soft blur, wrinkles, hair color, Reshape, Relight, etc. which allow you to do tasks such as changing skin tone, hair color, eye color, smoothing the face, removing wrinkles, and more. Some tools are paid in retouch like “Relight” but thanks to PicsArt mod apk you can use it without giving a Penny.

(V) Remove bg

Remove bg is a premium option in PicsArt, which you can only use if you purchase a subscription. In Remove bg, you can automatically remove the background of any photo without any manual work; you just need to upload the photo, and PicsArt will remove the background automatically. This is very important tool so you can use it for free if you have PicsArt mod apk.

(VI) Stickers

Stickers are an option in PicsArt where you can find a wide variety of free stickers, along with some premium ones. You can use these stickers to make your photos more attractive.

(VII) Cutout

The Cutout tool is an option where you can manually remove the background of any photo as much as you want. You can easily remove the background with your fingers. People use Cutout when they want to remove a specific part of the background, which may not be possible with Remove bg.

(VIII) Text

If you want to add text to your image, you can do so using the Text option. In the Text option, you’ll find various options such as changing the text color, adding a background (which is for premium users, but you can use PicsArt mod apk to add background for free), bending the text, choosing the font, and many more things.

(IX) Add photo

If you want to add another photo to your editing project, you can do so using the “Add photo” option. Simply click on “Add photo” and choose the photo from your gallery. You can choose up to 10 photos maximum.

(X) Remove

“Remove” is a premium option in PicsArt, but you can use it with the help of the PicsArt mod apk. It assists in removing objects from photos.

(XI) Fit

With the Fit option, you can resize your images, change their backgrounds, and even adjust the background color.

(XII) Brushes

Using brushes, you can add various colors to your photo. There are numerous options available, providing you with a variety of brush designs to choose from for adding color to your image.

(XIII) Border

The Border option allows you to manage the border lines of your image. You can curve the corners, change their color, and even adjust the color of the borders themselves.

(XIV) Shapes

In the Shapes option, you’ll find various shapes that you can customize with different color tones and use them to make your photo more attractive.

(XV) Mask

The Mask option in PicsArt provides you with countless effects that you can apply to your photos to give them a unique look, all for free.

(XVI) Draw:

Similar to brushes, the Draw tool offers you a wide range of unique brushes and shapes to create extraordinary details in your photos and make them more attractive.

(XVII) Lens Flare

Lens Flare is a unique tool that offers you a variety of lens flare colors to add to your photos, making them more attractive. You’ll find countless lens flare options to choose from.

(XVIII) Shape Mask

In the Shape Mask option, you’ll find various shapes like hearts, circles, triangles, etc. When you add any of these shapes to your photo, only the part within the shape will be visible, and the rest will either disappear with a solid color or be hidden based on the color you use.

(XIX) Frames

Frames is an option in PicsArt where you’ll find a variety of frames that you can add to your photo. It’s useful for those who like to frame their photos.

(XX) Callout

Callout is an option frequently used by meme creators because it allows them to add text easily and create memes effortlessly.

2. Edit a Video

With the “Edit a video” option in PicsArt mod apk, you can edit videos for free. When you click on “Edit a video,” you’ll need to choose which video you want to edit and then click on “Add.” Once you’ve added the video, you’ll be taken to the editing section where you’ll find various tools similar to those available in photo editing. Let’s discuss how to use these tools for editing.

(I) Crop

Use the Crop option to crop the video according to your needs.

(II) Edit clip

With the Edit clip option, you can cut out portions of the video, mute them, and perform various other actions like moving sections forward or backward.

(III) Adjust

Adjust allows you to modify the brightness, color, saturation, hue, temperature, darkness, etc of your video.

(IV) Audio

With the Audio option, you can add any audio to your video.

(V) Effects

Just like in photo editing, you can add countless effects to your videos using the Effects option.

(VI) Text

Similar to photo editing, you can add text to your videos and customize its appearance.

(VII) Stickers

You can add countless stickers to your videos to enhance them. Some may be free, while others may be premium. To use premium stickers for free, you can use the PicsArt mod apk.

(VIII) Add photo

You can add any photo to your video using the “Add photo” tool.

(IX) Fits

With Fits, you can adjust the size, color, and shape of the background in your video, similar to how you would do with photos.

3. Make a collage

Collage is a tool that makes our work much easier and simpler. For example, if you want to merge multiple photos into one, you should use the “Make a collage” option.Simply select the number of photos you want to merge into one photo (maximum 10), and the app will automatically merge all the selected photos into a single photo.

You can also choose a design for the merged photo, and the app will provide various design options for you to choose from.Once you’ve selected the merged photo, you can further customize it according to your preferences. You’ll have options like layouts, ratio, border, and background customization, allowing you to personalize the collage to your liking.

4. Background

The Background option in PicsArt allows you to edit PNG type photos, create logos, and much more. You can use this option to change the background of photos and perform various editing tasks.

When you click on the Background option, you’ll see options such as a solid color background, photos from your gallery, or background less photos. You can choose any background according to your preference. After selecting a background, you’ll have access to all the editing features and tools to further customize your photo.

5. Apply effect

The Apply effect tool offers various effects for your photos, similar to those available in photo editing. You can apply numerous effects, blur, change colors, and much more. This tool is placed on the front page of PicsArt for easy access, so you can use it without wasting time searching for it.

6. Retouch

The Retouch option provides you with various tools for retouching photos, such as adjusting eye color, skin tone, facial features, removing blemishes, softening wrinkles, changing hair color, reshaping, relighting, and more. This option is also placed on the front page of PicsArt for easy access, enabling you to work efficiently

Picsart mod apk is safe?

Yes Picsart mod apk is safe if you are downloding it from our website.

Are Picsart, Picsart gold and Picsart mod apk is same?

Is Picsart mod apk is free?

How to download PicsArt mod apk?

What is the size of PicsArt mod apk?

How to download PicsArt mod apk old version?

Is there is alternative of PicsArt?

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