How to Cancel PicsArt Gold Subscription Anytime?

Do you want to stop using PicsArt Gold? It’s simple to cancel your PicsArt Gold membership, whether your objective is to move to another photo editing app or just put your subscription on hold for a bit. We’ll walk you through how to cancel your PicsArt Gold subscription at any point in this tutorial.

Before you proceed, remember

  • You will not receive a refund for any part of your current paying term that you do not use when you cancel your subscription.
  • The PicsArt Gold features will remain completely available to you until the end of your current paying month.

How to cancel PicsArt gold subscription on mobile

Go to the settings of your PicsArt account

Open the PicsArt app on your device to start the cancellation procedure. Open the app and go to the settings for your account. Depending on the interface of your device, you may typically discover this option by touching on your username or profile image.

Move to the subscription settings

Look find the subscription or billing area in your account settings. Here, you may manage your membership and get information about your PicsArt Gold subscription.

Review the facts of your subscription

Please review your subscription details before cancelling your PicsArt Gold subscription. This contains the details of your subscription plan, renewal date, and any extra features or advantages that come with having a Gold membership.

Cancel your membership

Find the cancellation option for your PicsArt Gold subscription after reviewing your subscription data. Labels like “Manage Subscription,” “Cancel Subscription,” or something similar may be used to this. To continue with the cancelling process, tap this option.

Move forward: Verify the cancellation

Usually, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice after choosing the option to end your subscription. To confirm the cancellation of your PicsArt Gold subscription, follow to the on-screen instructions.

Receive confirmation

A confirmation notice indicating that your PicsArt Gold subscription has been successfully cancelled will be sent when you confirm the cancellation. An email with more information and confirming the cancellation can also be sent to you.

Verify the cancellation

Check your subscription status and review your account settings to make sure your PicsArt Gold subscription has been successfully cancelled. It should indicate that you have cancelled your Gold membership and that you won’t be charged to renew it in the future.

You just have to follow almost same steps to cancel PicsArt gold subscription from website. So, I am going to save your time just to provide little bit information how to cancel your PicsArt gold subscription on the website. I hope you will easily understand because procedure is same.

How to cancel PicsArt gold subscription on website

Step 1. Go to, the PicsArt website, and login in to your account.

Step 2. Select your profile image located in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Click the menu and choose “Settings”.

Step 4. Select “Billing & Subscriptions” from the menu.

Step 5. Choose “Cancel subscription”

Step 6. Click “Yes, cancel subscription” to confirm your subscription.

And that’s it! Your subscription to PicsArt Gold has been successfully cancelled. A confirmation email or message, based on the platform you selected, will be sent to you.

Bonus Tip: You can see the transaction details on your bank records or email receipts if you’re not sure where you signed up for PicsArt Gold (the website or app). This will help you in selecting the right management platform for your subscription.

Keep in mind that these procedures can vary depending on when the PicsArt website or app are updated in the future. Please don’t hesitate to contact PicsArt’s customer care if you run into any problems.

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You can reclaim control over your membership choices and cancel your PicsArt Gold subscription at any time by following these easy steps. Cancelling is simple and quick, whether you’re looking to check explore alternative picture editing options or just want to take a break from your Gold membership. To avoid any misunderstandings, don’t forget to check your membership details before completing the cancellation.

FAQ on How to Cancel PicsArt Gold Subscription

How can I cancel my subscription to PicsArt Gold?
Open the PicsArt app, select Subscription Options from the menu, choose Cancel, and Verify.

Can I cancel my membership to PicsArt Gold at any time?
Yes you can cancel at any time.

If I cancel my subscription, will I get my money back?
No, refunds are not usually provided.

Is it possible to later continue my subscription?
Yes, subscribe again to PicsArt gold from application or website.

How can I get a cancellation confirmed?
For proof, verify your subscription status in your account settings.

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