PicsArt vs VSCO: Choosing the Right Photo Editing App for You

Selecting the best picture editing programme can be difficult, especially if there are two well liked choices like PicsArt and VSCO. While there are ways to improve your images with both programmes, their editing styles and needs are different. The primary differences between PicsArt and VSCO will be explained in this article, making it simpler for you to choose the one that works best for you.

Feature Breakdown

Editing Tools:

  • PicsArt: Provides a greater number of editing tools, such as text, drawing tools, collage making, overlays, effects, and basic changes.
  • VSCO: Mostly focuses on basic modifications and photo filters. It also offers a small range of editing tools and presets.


  • PicsArt: Offers a vast collection of both premium and free filters, as well as the option to make and edit your own.
  • VSCO: Known for its superior, unique filters that frequently recall the appearance of film photography. However, a premium subscription is needed for the majority of the VSCO filters.

Community and Sharing:

  • PicsArt: With PicsArt, users can share the changes they make, take part in challenges, and find new content through an integrated social network.
  • VSCO: Offers direct sharing from the app to other platforms, but lacks an independent social network.


  • PicsArt: Free to use, but you can buy in-app features and filters to access premium options.
  • VSCO: Offers a free version with limited editing options and filters. You may access the complete filter library and other features with a paid subscription.

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Here’s a table summarizing the key differences

FeaturePicsArt Vsco
FocusAll in one photo and video editingPhoto editing with emphasis on filters
Editing toolsExtensiveLimited
Target audienceBeginners and experienced editorsUsers who prioritize filters and a streamlined experience
Pricing modelFreemiumFreemium
ModAccess all tools in modAccess all tools in mod

Choosing the Right App

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide:

  • Choose PicsArt if:
    • You need an app that is flexible and has lots of functions and editing tools.
    • You take enjoyment in using stickers, adding text, and making collages.
    • You would prefer a free app with the option to buy in app.
  • Choose VSCO if:
    • You put a premium on unique, high quality filters with an original film look.
    • You understand the value of an easy to use interface.
    • You are prepared to pay for a premium subscription and are content with a restricted free version.

Note:- The greatest photo editing programme is ultimately the one that works best for your specific requirements and editing tastes. Try out PicsArt and VSCO (or other alternatives) and see which one gets you the effects you want.

PicsArt vs Vsco

FAQs on PicsArt vs VSCO

Which app is easier to use?

The two apps are not too difficult to use. While VSCO’s UI is more simple, PicsArt offers more options of customisation that may take some getting familiar to.

Can I use these programmes to edit videos?

While VSCO presently only focuses on photo editing, PicsArt provides basic video editing.

Are there any further photo-editing programmes that I need to think about?

Definitely! There are lots of more fantastic choices, like Canva, Adobe Lightroom Mobile, and Snapseed.

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